ALPHAVMAX Energy Bank Drink

More V Power in Life!

AlphaVmax Botanic Grape Seed Berry Mix

Main benefits:

1. Improves physical strength and endurance

2. Promotes energetic, maintain brain agility

3. Stimulates blood circulation, regulating blood pressure and blood lipids

4. Helps to improve men's health

5. Aids insomnia, improving sleep quality

6. Boosts immunity and reduces the risk of infection

AlphaVmax Botanic Collagen Berry Mix

Main benefits:

1. Helps to improve women's health

2. Improves skin elasticity, promote better skin beautiful energy

3. Promotes energetic, maintains brain agility

4. Stimulates blood circulation, regulating blood pressure and blood lipids

5. Aids insomnia, improving sleep quality

6. Facilitates regulation of endocrine

Direction of Use:

Pour a small pack (5 g) of AlphaVmax to a glass of water. Mix well before consumes.

All about Cordyceps
Cordyceps is a dried complex of Cordyceps fungus and the larvae of bat moths larvae, after having to be parasitized by fungi. It mainly grows in the high altitude of the Tibetan Plateau and Dolpa in Nepal.

Cordyceps sinensis grows in a special environment which makes it difficult to be harvested. Adding up to the natural growth cycle of Cordyceps sinensis which spans up to 6 years, this makes it rare and exotic. Thus, it is classified as superior grade herbs.

Cordyceps essence lies in the fruiting bodies. However, the most effective ingredient of the fruiting body lies in the worm (mycelium). It contains the complete amino acid (18 kinds of essential amino acids), as well as an array of vitamins and trace elements. This makes it a very complete super food for mankind.

Cordyceps are packed in Cordycepin, Cordyceps acid, Cordyceps polysaccharide, etc., which are targeted towards strengthening the physical and immune system. This day and age, researchers and scientists all over the world have studied the artificial cultivation and production of living Cordyceps sinensis fruiting bodies by using culture medium. By doing so, this give rise to breakthroughs in Cordyceps sinensis products, allowing it to be widely used in valuable herbal health products.

Trend on artificial cultivation replacing wild collection
Owing to the difficulties of wild Cordyceps collection and the deterioration of air and soil pollution, the quality of wild Cordyceps sinensis are not on up to the benchmarks of precision and safety guidelines. Therefore artificial cultivation has become the trend setters.

Cordyceps breeding process

Cordyceps species preparation

With the utilization of professional strains isogenic electrophoretic tissue separation techniques, followed by the domestication and processing of high-quality original species, expansion of large number of cultivated strains can be carried out after the artificial purification.

Preparation of nutrient base

The setting of the cultivation culture uses specially selected organic rice which has to be sterilized according to the specific cultivation requirements such as pH and nutrients level. There and then, the culture medium will be sterilized in containers (bottles) to ensure a sterile state.


The bacteria are inoculated onto the medium under sterile conditions. Special techniques are used to inoculate the liquefied Cordyceps seeds into the sterilized cultivation medium before being grown in a special controlled environment.


The cultivation area is a special environment for Cordyceps militaris that mimics the natural habitat conditions of Cordyceps, such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, so as to ensure that the Cordyceps are cultivated in the optimum condition. After inoculation of the medium, they will be transferred to the shelves of cultivation chamber. In the chamber, specific temperature of 15 to 25 ℃, air humidity and air cleanliness will be maintained throughout.


After cultivation of 2-3 months, the nurtured child seats are turning slowly into shades of orange or yellowish orange sticks which signify the start of harvesting. After harvesting, the sticks are placed into clean containers before being dried and grounded. After grinding, the powders are stored in airtight plastic bags for extraction or follow-up processes.


Cordyceps powder will be stored according to specific storage conditions, in order to maintain product efficiency and stability.

Quality control

Each individual batch of Cordyceps powders will be sent for laboratory analysis as to determine cordycepin adenine and cordycepin content, alongside with heavy metals and microbiological testing in lieu with product safety testing.


Wild Cordyceps

Cultivated Cordyceps


67 µg/g

4059 µg/g

Cordyceps acid



600 µg/g

1100 µg/g

Apart from the fact that artificial cultivation not only provides superior quality products minus the pollutions, but delivering precious ingredients with better efficacy as well !

Cordyceps, the source of biological energy

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the direct source of energy required for all vital activities of tissue cells in the body. It is produced by intracellular granulocytes and promotes the normal metabolism of various functions of the body, including the storage and delivery of chemical energy and nutrients, the repair and regeneration of various cell types, the enhancement of cellular metabolic activity and the maintenance of good physical and mental health

1. Stimulating human body's bio-energy ATP production

   a. Boosts ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels:

Cordyceps contains adenosine, which is the main raw material for adenosine triphosphate. It is capable of speeding up the adenosine triphosphate ATP production of cells. Alongside this, it increases blood flow, improves blood circulation, enhances blood nutrients supply to each cell, thereby activating the normal function of cells.

   b. Enhances body oxygen level, improves blood circulation

Cordyceps effectively improves the respiratory function and increases the efficiency of oxygen in the body cells, resulting in enhancement of cell energy metabolism. One particular study found out that Cordyceps promote the body's cells to generate better energy, improve physical ability, endurance as well as physical strength.

   c. Reduces lactic acid accumulation:

Lactic acid is a by-product of body's cells during anaerobic exercise, which causes muscle fatigue and eventually leading to the complete stop of the physical activity. The study revealed that Cordyceps can reduce lactic acid accumulation in the body, thereby increasing physical endurance and strength, which in turn directly helps to extend up to 20-94% of the exercise time.

   d. Increases cellular sensitivity towards insulin:

Cordyceps effectively increases insulin sensitivity at cellular level, enhances the efficiency of cells to utilize blood sugar. This results in temporary energy increment.

2. Natural antioxidants

Cordyceps contains natural superoxide dismutase (SOD). It is a potent anti-oxidant, removing excess free radicals in the body. The results are comprehensive cell protection and maintenance of optimal cellular functions.

3. Strengthening immune response

Cordycepin has antibacterial, anti-drug and anti-cancer effects. It is capable of activating macrophage bodies to achieve better immunity, effectively 

Goji berry

Goji berry contains an array of amino acids, including betaine, zeaxanthin, physalien together with  other special nutrients. It offers superb antioxidant benefits, specifically targeted at anti-aging purposes. In addition, Lycium barbarum polysaccharide (LBP) regulates immune response, simultaneously promoting energy metabolism as well as improving reproductive health.

Collagen peptide

Marine collagen peptides are processed using proteolytic techniques, conforming to GMP and HACCP production guidelines. This produces collagen peptides with molecular weights between 1000-2500 daltons which are most easily absorbed and used by the human body. In addition, marine collagen peptide has good water solubility, thermal stability and acid stability. Thus, it gives better bioactivities as it not oxidized and destroyed easily.


Marine collagen peptide features:

- Low pollution and allergy causing
- Small molecular weight, easy to be absorbed and used
- Similar to human collagen structure and readily absorbed by human body
- Stable structure, does not damaged easily
- High efficiency, remarkable effect