Unlock the beauty secrets!

The relationship between the smooth, firm and youth skin of Japanese men and women across the age with the century old ritual bathing in hot spring waters is amazing!

Researchers had discovered that hot spring waters are able to penetrate deeper into our skin pores as compared to the usual water. This is owing to the fact that the water carried high geological mineral content which is known to possess anti-oxidant properties.

Thus, HOZENN is simply about unlocking the beauty secrets by revolutionizing ordinary water into magical water by infusing key active ingredients inspired from the hot spring.


Reclaim your skin’s radiant glow in just two minutes with HOZENN

Specialized Aqua Technology

• Transforms ordinary water into better media by reducing water molecules structure, small enough to pass through deeper into the skin to transport the
active ingredients to the essential skin layers.
• Smaller water clusters promote antioxidant effects, leading to better cell rejuvenation and skin healing,
and ultimately maintaining skin health from the inside.  

Vitis Vinifera Resveratrol Extract
• Resveratrol, extracted from Vitis Vinifera (Selected Grape) is proven to block skin damage caused by excessive free radicals.
• Aids in reducing deep wrinkles and improving skin tone.

Aloe Barbadensis Extract
• Contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation and soreness associated with acne.
• Contains antioxidants, which able help to increase collagen production, reduces sun damage, improves the overall elasticity of the skin.
• Contains Axim and gibberellins, which enhances the healing process in your skin by building healthy skin cells.
• Contains natural moisturizing retention compounds, which helps to keep the perfect skin moisture leading to better skin health and skin firmness.

Main Benefits
Gentle deep skin cleansing
Removes dry, dull skin cells and skin impurities
Removes excessive sebum oil

Basic skin maintenance
Deep hydrating & skin toning
Helps restoring skin radiance and moisture from inside out.

Advance Skin Protection
Resveratrol: Powerful antioxidant for the skin to fight free radical
Improves skin radiance
Effectively give skin a fresh, smooth complexion