With the trend that the awareness of health is rising these years, JMI keeps devoting to sharing health knowledge with everyone around the world. On October 28, 3H Lifestyle product workshop was held in Samuntai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Even though it was raining heavily outside, the enthusiasm and energy of all the participants hugely heated up the atmosphere. The event was attended by hundreds of participants from surrounding cities and various regions and some local leaders.

3.jpegThe leaders first presented the advantages of JMI products and their benefits for a healthy life. They emphasized the significance of living 3H Lifestyle (healthy-happy-harmony) that everyone should have an all-round care of our health, including mental health, physical health and the harmony of the environment. Then they pointed out that JMI offered a comprehensive support and protection for everyone with premium JM products, which cohered with the concept of 3H Lifestyle.  After the presentation, the attendees burst into thunderous applause and had a strong trust in JMI. Attendees were highly passionate to purchase a lot of JM products.

1.jpegAt the end of the event, the participants shared their thoughts and advice for a healthy lifestyle with each other, where happiness reflected on their faces. After attending this event, the participants were more aspired to develop their business and share the joy and health with relatives and friends in their respective regions. JMI will continue to offer a flexible platform to support every family member to pursue their dreams.

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