JMI spares no effort to spread health and joy with everyone around the globe. On Oct 17, 3H Lifestyle Career Training was held by JMI Philippines branch at the branch conference room to provide training for the local distributors of FDI team. We are glad that the founder of FDI and JMI CDA Dr. Teh Sor Hoon and Dr. Yong Woon San attended the event to support the local members, while JMI Regional President of South-East Asia and Business Development of Africa Region Mr. Don Teoh hosted the training. The presence of these great leaders has attracted hundreds of marketing elites to participate in the event, which brought a jubilant atmosphere.

WechatIMG2.jpgWechatIMG3.jpgMr. Don first introduced the basic concept of 3H Lifestyle (healthy-happy-harmony) and pointed out the importance of each element. Then he moved on to explain the relation of 3H Lifestyle and JM products, in which product demonstrations were carried out. The audience was invited to the stage to take part in the demonstration and they all gave a positive feedback after that. Applause and cheers filled the conference room and all the elites had a comprehensive understanding of 3H Lifestyle and JM products. “Happy sharing. Happy life change!” Mr. Don encouraged the audience to stay happy and healthy with JM products at the end of his session.


Before the training coming to an end, Dr. Yong announced a special promotion of JM products, where the event reached the climax. All the distributors were so excited to purchase the premium products. The event was held successfully, while all the elites have gained holistic knowledge of 3H Lifestyle. JMI will continue to endeavor to share health information and 3H Lifestyle with people in Philippines!

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