JMI devoted to supporting every family member to pursue their dreams and bringing them health knowledge. The flexible JM platform allows them to develop their business in a more convenient way. November 2 – 4, Momentum USA was held successfully with hundreds of attendees and organized by one of the top leaders from Maryland. The warm welcoming and interaction between the speakers and attendees have heated up the atmosphere, where all the participants were very enthusiastic.

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The three-day event was divided into the following activities: “Follow through”, “FFGO” and “Workshop”, in which all participants learnt about JMI and their career path in a more holistic way. With the presence of our special guest speakers JMI CDA Dr. Raoul RubenNjionou and CDA Mr. Simeon Fotso, attendees were very excited to learn more about JM products and their health benefits from the great leaders. The vivid presentation allowed our family members to further understand the importance of health and how JM products hugely improve our health. Momentum USA was definitely an inspiring and rewarding program for our family members that all the participants became more confident and aspired to share health and happiness for everyone.

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USA FFG 2.jpegThis grand event has successfully gathered and tied up all our family members in the east coast in the USA. They shared their opinions and thoughts about business development and health knowledge with each other passionately. It is believed that with great support among all our family members as well as JMI, more and more American people will be benefited and our family will grow even bigger!

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