With a happy and cheerful rhythm, our Barcelona trip came to the fourth day. The past three days have weaved a fascinating memory of the team and the glee was even multiplied today.







We first headed to Park Güell, which is designed by Gaudi to create an atmosphere of peace and calm. The remarkable buildings in the park with fantastically shaped roofs and noticeable pinnacles have amazed our family members. Our family members took slow strides in the park with a relaxing mood. After getting through the distinctive twisting rock pillars which are imitations of tree trunks, they arrived the spacious viewing platform and sat down on the curvy mosaic seating area to appreciate the glamour of the multi-color park and Barcelona city. Every little piece of mosaic in the park composes various intriguing figures and makes the park more enthralling. Capturing a lot of photos with phones and cameras, our family members had a very relaxing time there.6.jpg



After lunch, we headed to the renowned Nou Camp. Barcelona is famous for its football team FC Barcelona and Nou Camp is their own stadium. We had a chance to visit the FBC museum there to witness their glory and victory in the past. Following the enthusiastic tour guide, our family members knew more about the history of this remarkable team, such as how they developed the team and how the regular training was like. What’s more, the team jerseys displayed on the wall and the precious collections of awards and trophies were a feast for the eye. Our family members were totally impressed by the perseverance and passion of the football players and this reminded them to have an unwavering faith in their career goals.








The fall of the night led to the highlight of the incentive trip – the gala dinner, which took place in a decent restaurant, Palacio del Flamence. The dinner began with a welcoming speech by JMI Regional President of Southeast Asia and Business Development of Africa Mr. Don Teoh. He first thanked all the family members for participating in the Barcelona incentive trip and the organizing committee for the preparation work. Then, he emphasized that the effort paid in the past was not only for ourselves, but to grow more people in our family and bring 3H lifestyle to them (healthy-happy-harmony). Then, JMI CDA Mr. Onggy Hianata Chunnardy, CDA Ms. Njo Ai Ling and CDA Ms. Yulianny Samuyli Thejocosumo were invited to the stage to deliver a speech. They expressed their gratitude for the fantastic journey and the great support of JMI and they believed all our family members will move to the next level with the leadership of JMI CEO Dr. Bruce Fang. “Everyone can be a CDA!” The great leaders encouraged our family members to achieve their career goals and enjoy happiness together. The cheers and hails of our family members fully reflected their confidence and trust in JMI. After the speeches, the dinner was served and a wonderful show was performed. The enthusiastic dancers have hugely impressed our family members, where they appreciated them with applause and cheers amid the lively atmosphere. The dinner serves as a precious chance gathering all the outstanding leaders and members together to share the important moments and celebrate their success.  

 The trip has created an unforgettable memory for our family members. After taking an ample rest, let’s continue to strive for our goals to share a healthy lifestyle and achieve greater success!