In order to allow more members to get access to a healthy life, a three-day business development conference themed 3H Lifestyle was held by FFG team in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso from August 30 to September 2, where over a thousand participants and local leaders from all cities in Africa attended. What highlighted the event was that JMI CDA Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou also attended the conference, which reflected his great support and recognition to the African members. 


The conference was to introduce the concept of 3H Lifestyle. The speaker first laid out the interrelationship of the three elements (healthy-happy-harmony) of 3H Lifestyle by playing several company videos. The videos were simple and direct, which made the participants have a clear idea about the concept. 

Next, the speaker showcased a variety of JMI products, including hot-selling products AlphaMeta and Angels Secret. He explained their functions and health benefits one by one and invited the participants to take part in demonstrations, which created an alive and dynamic ambiance. 


On the last day before the conference ended, Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou took the opportunity to bring his valuable experience to local leaders. He encouraged them to “continue sharing love and care with everyone with JMI products”. The conference ended with lasting applause and cheers. 

This conference is served as a breakthrough to expand JMI business in Africa. We hope more and more people there will join our big family!