The Africa market is always an important part of JMI business and our members in Africa are full of joy and vitality that they spare no effort to share a healthy lifestyle with everyone. From September 6 to 8, JMI Cameroon Summit was held for the FFG team in Douala, Cameroon. While over 1500 participants from 52 countries in Africa attended the summit, many distinguished leaders also came to support the event, including JMI Regional President of Business Development Mr. Don Teoh, JMI Africa Region Business Development Director Mr. Harouna Omar, JMI CDA Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou, JMI General Manager Mr. Serge Gnebehi and all JMI Africa leaders, which boosted the jubilant atmosphere of the summit.




In the first session, product presentation and testimonies were carried out, which allowed the members to understand the function and benefits of the products. Mr. Don Teoh explained the concept of 3H Lifestyle in details afterward and he especially emphasized the relation of 3H Lifestyle and JMI products. Next, he further introduced the future plan to bring Africa market to the top at a global level. Applause and cheers filled the air.


Also,  Mr.  Don Teoh encourage the participants to pursue their dream bravely. He mentioned that teamwork was crucial and JMI was a big family. The inspiring speech has enlightened the participants and they gave a big hand to Mr.  Don Teoh.


Before the summit ended, a Q&A session was held, where the participants asked questions actively. The Africa members have absorbed holistic knowledge of JMI products in this successful held summit. We hope Africa members will continue to share health and happiness with people there and strive for their career goals!