The ancient African land is full of opportunities and vitality. With the assistance of African team, JMI has seen its business flourishing in this wonderlandFrom May 22nd to 27th, under the leadership of Dr. Raoul Njionou, Africa grand leader and JMI Global Strategic Committee Member, General Manager of JMI Togo, Mr. Ivan Wang and Director of African Regional Marketing Development,Mr.Omar gathered with various African elite team leaders in the Republic of Benin to attend a five-day Africa regional summit and team training.




In a lively manner, the summit saw a full house of participants, during which, market leaders introduced JMI’s products and business model, introduced new products and trip promotion in 2018, and invited the team from JMI Togo Branch to deliver a speech. General Manager of Togo Branch,Mr.Ivan Wang thanked the leaders of African countries for attending the summit and praised the Benin team for their achievements in overcoming difficulties under the guidance of down-to-earth spirit.According to him, it was worth learning by everyone in the international family and he hoped that the Beninese team would work harder to create new miracles and sale records, as well as introduced the current marketing support strategies of the branch and the coordination measures that needs focus from all members.



Afterwards, in addition to introduce the Turkish Incentive Trip promotion for Africa market in 2018 and launching plans of new products, Mr. Omar also actively promoted market development strategies for the African market. The speech of the operation team was unanimously approved by all the participants, followed by Dr.Raoul Njionou expressing his gratitude to the long-term active business and operational support from JMI African team. He said that the market team could not had achieved this career success without the efficient work of the operating team and hoped that the business in the African region would become better and better for all family members, who could realize their value on this successful platform. Following the path to success, we will join together to achieve the final glory!