In recent days, under the organization of Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou,  Africa grand leader and JMI Global Strategic Committee Member,representatives of JMI's African elite teams gathered in Cameroon to participate in a three-day network career training. Mr.Don Teoh, JMI Bussiness President of Africa Region,Mr.Lexus Chen, JMI Global Business Director, and Mr.Omar, Director of African Development Business , were invited to participate in the training,and discussed the development direction and market strategy of JMI in Africa.





During the training session, all participants actively interacted and shared their views on health and career in a very warm atmosphere with principal topics including:product demonstration network building and development and personal development training. It is inseparable from the high quality of healthcare products that JMI succeeds in the world. Numerous products demonstrated on the were the results of JMI's R&D in combination of modern science and technology, which meet the health needs of people living in modern times and also spread JMI's core value all over world. Inspired by the vivid demonstration, all participants held huge confidence in the future development of JMI. Since Day One, JMI has been focusing on the strength and role of team and established many excellent teams around the world. It is with the efforts of these excellent teams that JMIs global business is booming,which allows more consumers and family members realize their dreams of having healthy life and career success through our business platform.




The year of 2018 presents a great opportunity for the JMI to usher in a new round of development in Africa. This training session served as a solid knowledge base for our teams to seize new opportunities to create new business achievements, and also will have a profound impact on our sustainable development in Africa! In the future, JMI will continue to offer more business opportunities, and together with our global family members, we will on the way to create greater success!