In mid-September, AlphaVmax Product Launch was organized by JMI Kuala Lumpur Branch, where local leaders and distributors attended with enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the event, the functions and health benefits of AlphaVmax were laid out detailedly. The speaker pointed out how important and beneficial cordyceps are to our health and the special feature of AlphaVmax that it has male and female products, which best fits our physique. The participants were amazed by the product and had a holistic understanding of it. From the smile on their face, we can tell that they have strong confidence in AlphaVamx.


AlphaVmax is an energy bank drink, which brings you vitality and energy every day. Other than Cordyceps, Goji Berries are also added in the product to regulates immune response and improve productive health. To demonstrate its health benefits, participants were invited to have a taste of the product. After drinking AlphaVmax, the demonstrator told the participants that his fatigue had been dissipated and he felt more invigorated. Applauses then filled the air, showing the distributors’ trust in the product.


The launch of AlphaVmax in Kuala Lumpur marks a significant step of JM International to allow more people there to get access to health and enjoy an energetic life. We hope AlphaVmax can be further spread to every corner of the world!