Welty Show 3H Lifestyle Seminar was held at the Citywalk Ballroom in Jakarta, attended by local leaders and distributors from the Jakarta and surrounding areas. 2.jpg3.jpg

In the first session, the distributors discussed the importance of preparing a bright career future through the JMI platform. The keynote speaker then took the chance to emphasize the importance of each family member and thanked them for their effort of sharing health and happiness to the people in Indonesia. He also shared his view about the future prospects of the healthcare industry. “JM International will continue to support every one of you to achieve higher goals!” The speakers assured. Applauses filled the air, showing distributors’ great confidence in JMI.


In the next session, a demonstration of JM superior products was carried out. The speaker first introduced JM products with the concept of 3H Lifestyle (healthy-happy-harmony). Then, the participants who attended the seminar became volunteers to take part in the product demonstration and after that they became very enthusiastic about the products. They all believed that with JM products, they can live a healthy life easily.

The seminar ended successfully and the attendees were looking forward to joining the next seminar to discuss business opportunities in JMI. We hope that our members can continue to absorb health knowledge and strive for their career goals!