JMI Indonesia Branch held a 3H Lifestyle Product Workshop on October 13, 2018 at the training room in JMI Indonesia Jakarta office. This event was greatly supported by the attendance of JMI CDA Ms. Yulianny Samuyli Thejocosumo and hosted by the great leaders of Indonesia, which has attracted hundreds of distributors who came from other cities in Indonesia to participate. The room was filled with cheers and passion.


5.jpgThe leaders first introduced the history of the JM company and its mission to invite as many people as possible to live 3H Lifestyle (healthy-happy-harmony). Next, a series of demonstrations of JMI's flagship products such as Angels Secret, AlphaMeta and AlphaSpin were carried out. The audience was invited to try how great the products are and how they help everyone ward off dangerous electromagnetic impacts. The audience gave a tremendous welcome with cheers and applause after seeing the product demonstration. The highlight of the event arrived when the presenter announced a limited promotion of JMI products at special discounts, where all the members were enthusiastic to purchase all the premium products.



The workshop ended successfully. It serves as a stepping stone for the members to know more about the health benefits of JM products and be motivated to share health and happiness with everyone. We wish more people in Indonesia can get access to 3H Lifestyle and enjoy a happy life!

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