With the endless miracles being crafted in Africa by JMI, more and more seeds of hope have been planted and expected to thrive in the vast land. From 2nd Nov., led by Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou, Africa grand leader and JMI Global Strategic Committee member, a training/ seminar session was arranged in Abomey Calavi Convention Center and Azalaii Hotel Convention Center in Benin, with attendance including several management personnel from multiple African regional markets like Mrs. Josiane, Mrs. Zerbo, Mrs. Helen, Mrs. Douti, Mr.Boko Luc, Mr. Ivan Wang, Mr. Omar Hamoud together with distributors from neighboring countries.

The training session came to a successful end on 5th Nov., when over thousands of distributors got together in the convention center of Azalaii Hotel to watch the demonstration videos of JMI products and Dr. Raoul, grand Africa leader and JMI Global Strategic Committee Member was invited to present a summary about the whole training session. The conference went on in a lively manner, with long-lasting cheers and applause to make it a memorable occasion for all distributors. 

During the training period, JMI Benin team has arranged various training activities and seminars, in an effort to help distributors get a closer look at the prospect of healthcare industry, and better understand JMI’s history, products and operation mode. Highly appraising the cooperative and aggressive spirit of JMI Team, Dr. Raoul encouraged everyone to keep fighting for a bigger career success, and announce the official launch of BZZBUY in Benin. Motivated by this good news, distributors cheered and applauded, looking forward to creating new rounds of career achievement. 

Ivan Wang, General Manager of JMI Togo Branch, went onstage, expressing his gratitude to Dr. Raoul and the Benin Team for their hard work in the past few days. He said:” JMI is a platform where you can realize your value and dreams, which should be extend to more places to bring wealth, health and happiness to more people”. Later, in addition to introducing the current development of JMI Togo Branch and the Dubai Incentive Trip for Africa region, he announced that the Benin system would be launched to better facilitate the market activities. Then, Mr. Omar Harouna presented the incoming promotional plans, which received lasting applause from all distributors, signaling their great confidence on JMI’s future development. 

Amid cheers and applause, this training session concluded successfully! Let’s look forward to next gathering!