Africa witnesses the grand achievement made by JMI, which has been enrolling more members into our big family to fulfill dreams and create success. 22nd Oct, Headed by local leaders Mrs. Kouassi and Dr. Yapi, hundreds of people participated in a product seminar held at Belle Cote Hotel by Ivory Coast Branch. Enthusiasm and passion prevailed throughout the entire event, showcasing the spirit of solidarity and mutuality in JMI family.

As many JMI products were presented and introduced in this seminar by Dr. Yapi, several volunteers were invited onstage to try the products, which are the brainchild of JMI’s efforts to bring health to more people through science and technology.  Hugely impressed by the ideology and effect of JMI products, all participants gave long-lasting applause and cheers.

The whole event went on in a cozy and lively manner, where Mrs. Kouassi later gave a presentation about the potential of healthcare industry and the JMI’s advantages, saying that “The healthcare industry is embracing a new round of development, and JMI, as the leading player, has always offered excellent career platform and business opportunities”.  Encouraging more people to join together fighting for bigger career success, she announced the good news that BZZ HOLIDAY, a new project of JMI, was launched today, which would bring more opportunities to people eager for success.  All the participants stood up applauding for her brilliant speech that made the highlighting moment of the whole event, and expressed their confidence for the perfect opportunities provided by JMI, together with which they would like to create a better life!