29th Oct., JMI Cambodia Branch had a grand opening ceremony, where several hundreds of participants attended, led by local leaders Mrs. Ang Sokuntheary, Mr. Vincent Pel and Mr. Mathias Kasih. The Global Strategy Committee members Ms. Yulianny Thejocosumo has been invited as the special guest for the ceremony. At same time, Mr. Lee Peh Loon, General Manager of JMI Cambodia Branch and Mr. Don Teoh, JMI Southeast Asia Regional President, all of whom joined together to witness the glorious moment of JMI in Cambodia.

First, Mr. Lee Peh Loon, General Manager of JM Cambodia Branch, gave a speech for the opening of Cambodia office. And then with the display of JMI Corporate Video and Australia Incentive Trip Promotional Video, all families’ enthusiasm was ignited. In everybody’s anticipation, JMI Southeast Asia President, Mr. Don Teoh delivered a detailed presentation, analyzing the advantages and potential of JMI and its products from the perspective of market and announcing a series of promotional activities, which made a lot of surprises for all attendance. Afterwards, sharing from local leaders Mrs. Ang Sokuntheary and Mr. Vincent Pel about their histories of joining JMI and the achievements they made inspired the audience to catch the opportunity to fight for career success with JMI and all members around the world. Later, the ribbon-cutting session even brought out the first highlight of the event, with cheers and applause lasting for a long time to show the great faith from the audience attached to the future of JMI in Cambodia.

The event, filled with positive energy, went on in a very active and lively way, where all audience talked with each other, sharing their views and expectations towards success.  Promotion and lucks draw were held before the event ended, attracting so many eagerly participants. Full of joy and passion, this event concluded successfully.