As a recreation project of JM International set to be launched globally in September, BZZ HOLIDAY unveils that JMI has take its ambition into the tourism in full swing, which caused a massive repercussions  in the direct selling industry. JMI executives including Mr. Victor Li, JMI South American President and Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI President of Global Business, joined together in Mexico to kick off the official launching of BZZ HOLIDAY in South America.

Endless cheers and applauses echoed in the hall after the presentation from Mr. Victor Li, who further encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity to join BZZ HOLIDAY “ to be part of an incredible team, with access to excellent sales channels, marketing tools and world-class support. In BZZ HOLIDAY, you will realize two goals: to become a travel expert, and to make extra money.” The high spirits brought the ceremony to its climax with everyone was so motivated, who has great confidence in BZZ HOLIDAY project and looked forward to starting trips with all family members around the world!

The BZZ HOLIDAY South America Launching Ceremony conclude successfully, and let’s look forward to another gathering soon! Ready to start your way that pays you to have fun Join BZZ HOLIDAY with JMI, we take you to the places that you want to go!

Join BZZ HOLIDAY to make your dream come true!