BZZ HOLIDAY unveils that JMI has take its ambition into the tourism in full swing, which caused a massive repercussions in the direct selling industry. After thorough preparations for a few days, JMI held the official launching of BZZ HOLIDAY to kick off the project in Thailand. To better promote the event, Mr. Deffrick Se To, JMI Global Sales Director, joined with hundreds of distributors and JMI members to share the glorious moment together.

Filled with joy and excitement, this event saw all the participants in high spirits, with lasting cheers and applause. Several distributor representatives went onstage to share the funny stories from their trips, receiving constant laughter from the audience. Later, Mr. Deffrick Se To, JMI Global Sales Director, gave a detailed presentation about the advantages and operation mode of BZZ HOLIDAY. According to him, “As a new travel and business project, BZZ HOLIDAY will enable you to earn income while you travel the world. Also, it is a comprehensive travel tool and travel expenditure saver.”

Endless cheers and applauses echoed in the hall after the presentation from Mr. Se To, who further encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity to join BZZ HOLIDAY “to be part of an incredible team, with access to excellent sales channels, marketing tools and world-class support. In BZZ HOLIDAY, you will realize two goals: to become a travel expert, and to make extra money.” The high spirits brought the ceremony to its climax with everyone was so motivated, who has great confidence in BZZ HOLIDAY project and looked forward to starting trips with all family members around the world!

With the successful conclusion of the BZZ HOLIDAY Launching in Thailand, let’s look forward to another gathering soon! Join BZZ HOLIDAY with JMI, we take you to the places that you want to go !