JMI held a conference in Togo on 16th Sept, seeing attendance of several thousands of African elites together with local top leader and top executives from around Africa, including FFG Africa Leader-Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou, Togo General Manager Mr. Ivan Wang, Uganda General Manager Mr. Henry Liu, Senegal General Manager Mr. Kevin Huang, Cameroon General Manager-Ben Yang, African Logistics Director- Mr. Ould Hamoud Zaid, African Operation Director Mr. Harouna Morou and Africa Regional President Mr. Julien Klaris. And two honorable guests, Mr. Ivan Tsui, JM International Global Marketing Director and Dr. Bruce Fang, JM International Global Business President, were invited to join the conference to share the joy and excitement of the event.

Dr. Raoul, FFG African Leader, gave a presentation to JMI and its products, saying” with the core value of ‘ Share more, live more’, JMI has been developing healthcare products to help our members realize the dreams of health and wealth. I have great confidence in JMI and the African market.”  After introducing the FGG team, Dr. Raoul invited all participants to join together for introducing more positive energy to Africa. At the end, Dr. Raoul sum-up his speech with expressed his gratitude to JMI and said he was more than happy to lead the team to create better performance. All the attendees were motivated by his speech, giving long-lasting applause.

Later, Julien Klaris, Africa Regional President shared his view about the African market, saying “the huge potential in Africa has made it the important market nearly every multinational company cannot miss. Since JMI have operated here for many years and created astonishing sales performance with the collective effort from our distributors and members, I believe we can make a better career only if we keep fighting”.

As the event neared its ending, Dr. Bruce Fang summed up by expressing his appreciation to the attendance of everyone from around Africa and presenting the future plan for JMI. According to him,” the success we achieved in Africa comes from the contribution made by every JMI family member. JMI will continue to develop more superior products in the near future and boost the African market in full force, in an aim to build better lives with our family members in Africa.” With cheers and applause filling the hall, the speech from Dr. Bruce Fang pushed the event to its climax and made a successful conclusion.