Led by the core value-share more, live more, JMI has expanded its business all over the globe, enabling more people to live a healthy life and achieve career success.  22nd July,  JMI Italy branch held the Awarding and Recognition Night in Milan Michelangelo Hotel. Around 100 attendees including distributors leader, mentors and family members from every part of Europe, joined the event with special guests from JMI Philippine Branch-- Mr. & Mrs. Arrieta to share the glorious moment together! 

During the eventsome members were awarded with The Diamond Pin Title to honor their outstanding performance in the last year. Meanwhile, for those who participated in the EcoHome campaign, they were represented with certificates from JMI. The whole event was filled with passion, cheers and applause, with all the attendees sharing the joy together.

Along the way towards success, JM and our family members from every part of the world are going together for a better future. To create more miracles for JM and our family members, we will keep fighting!