Pursuing health and wealth has been the life-long dream for everybody, and JM, since its establishment from day one, has made the goal of helping more people realize that dream and have a more splendid life its mission to be accomplished. With this mission in mind, JM has been actively expanding global market, so as to enable more people to create their own success through the platform provided by JM. 23rd, July, in an aim to make its products more known to people while bringing them to our big family, JM held a Product Seminar in Ivory Coast, where over 400 distributors joined with local leader Kouassi Hortence and JM International Global Strategic Committee Member Dr. Raoul to share the joyful moment together. 

While being the core line of products for JM, Eco-Home series products are also among the most popular healthcare products in the world. Kouassi Hortence made a detailed introduction about the features of JM product, saying“ JM has devoted itself to inventing excellent healthcare products to help realize the dreams for more members. I believe, with JM, we can get bigger career achievement and more splendid life only if we can work together.” In a heated and lively manner, and with great faith on JM and its products, all participants were so excited, standing up to give lasting applause. 

Later, Dr. Raoul, Global Strategic Committee Member, shared his success cases, saying “ there are countless number of people worldwide have made their successful career through the platform provided by JM, and join JM today, we will create, succeed and share together to build for a better future.” Further, the event was pushed to its climax when he encouraged everyone to work harder to achieve better career goals, leading to huge recognition from all participant, who cheered and applauded excitedly. 

In the upcoming push sale event, multiple hugely popular JM products were sold out soon, and everyone was so thrilled, looking forward to next get-together with JM!