On the 3rd of June 2017, there was a big event concerning the BZZBUY Launching Conference with a participation hit 3000 people.


At this event, JM's new products the JMS3 serials JMS3 Mattress, JMS3 Pillows JMS3 Quilt, were officially launched, as well as a reminder of several other products already on sale, presented by the African Leaders.

Also present were the renowned artists such as the sulphurous COCO ARGENTEE, the seducer SERGEO POLO, the humorist MARCUS, the show man ERIC, the patriarch ANDRE MARIE TALA.

More on this event, the various Top African leaders took the floor in order of Dr. RAOUL RUBEN NJIONOU and his wife Ms. NADINE NJIONOU, Mr. BEN YANG General Manager of JM Cameroon, and Mr. JULIAN KLAIS, President of JM Africa. Both made a brief presentation of the international company JM and what this great business consists of.

Then it was the turn of Mr. CLEMENT TCHOUANTE, editor of the very famous newspaper CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL who took the floor to reveal the contents of this month's article devoted to Dr. RAOUL RUBEN NJIONOU and JM.

And to give a flourish to this event, the long-awaited and precious words of Dr. RAOUL RUBEN NJIONOU on sharing his story and the secret to success.

This evening couldn’t end without the traditional sharing in a song titled, standing and united as a single Man of all African and all great leaders of the great JM family. This is to renew their bond of love, to each other and to the whole world.

GRAND LAUNCHING YDE VERSION JM from JM Official Vimeo Video Channel on Vimeo.