Thousand People Gather for Myanmar Business Conference  

Yangon, the City of Peace, where JM Myanmar branch harvests health and happiness, is now being the cradle to live their dreams. On a fine day on June 28th, 2015, more than 1200 people gather in Yangon for the Myanmar business conference to share opportunities and cope with challenges together.

The lilting HAHA music serves as the prelude of the big event and everyone dances to the music, making the venue a sea of happiness. When JM product expert Dr. Ben Poh and CSO Mr. Don Teoh appear on the stage and make speech, cheers break out among the audience. One FFG leader from Malaysia attends the conference with a small team and is totally amazed by the audience’s enthusiasm. When the event has just finished, participants queue in long lines to buy JM products, making the sales that day very impressive. 

Looking back at the past and looking to the future, a great source of pride and encouragement has sprung up. With a high enterprising spirit, JM Myanmar branch is striding forward in the world market.