New Journey, New Starting Point
FFG Leaders' China Trip Report Vol.4

After the long journey from Shanghai to Nanjing, this trip is gradually coming to the end. The delicious breakfast of Fairmont Hotel started the day for all FFG top leaders. After which it was time for the highlight -- a visit to JM China HQ. The China HQ is right next to the hotel and the welcome team started right from the hotel lobby. Starting from the 11th floor and then 13th floor for Chairman Joe and Vice Chairman Jacky’s office, the extraordinary decoration impressed every one. Then the whole team went to the 12th floor to visit the exhibition center, a place has everything you need to know about JM China: its history, its charity foundation, its product, you name it and you can find it. After acknowledging more knowledge about JM China’s past, it’s time to learn something about the present, lecturer from China region delivered an amazing product introduction and demo to our incredible product JMS3. With its extraordinary performance in China, we have full confidence that JMS3 has the capability to become one of the most important products in our global market.


Leaving the HQ and now the whole team is heading to the new industrial-park. This huge-investing industrial park has 8 buildings including factory, warehouses and the R&D center. All construction work will be done by October and will become one of the most important role in JM China’s marketing strategy. After visiting the industrial park, it's now time to go back to Shanghai, all FFG leaders will back to their countries from this pearl of the Far East. What they acknowledged and witnessed here will spread to the world and become the new driving force of JM ’s development in the future.